• SupportAngular, NestJS & Stencil

  • Clean, simple design — With Compodoc, the main endpoints are on the left side of your documentation, and all the content on the right side

  • Beautiful themes8 themes are available from famous documentation tools like Gitbook, Read the Docs or projects like Vagrant, Laravel, Postmark, Material design and Stripe.

  • i18n — 4 languages available : en-US, fr-FR, zh-CN, pt-BR

  • Search — Compodoc include a powerful search engine (lunr.js) for easily finding your information

  • Automatic table of contents - API table of contents is generated using elements found during files parsing

  • Open-source and on npm - Use it directly in your project using npm and one script, that's it !

  • A local tool - No server needed, no sources uploaded online

  • No TypeScript compilation - Compodoc just parse your code

  • JSDoc light support - Support of @param, @returns, @link, @ignore and @example tags

  • Documentation coverage - Get the documentation coverage report of your project

  • Angular-CLI friendly - Compodoc support out of the box Angular-CLI projects