Node.js versions

Dated april 2024, Compodoc is tested and compatible with only last active versions of Node.js (see this link for more information) : v16.x, v18.x, v20.x


Dated april 2024, Compodoc supports last Angular-CLI version : 17.x

Just run Compodoc in a fresh or existing project.

Global installation

Install from Angular CLI :

ng add @compodoc/compodoc

Install from npm :

npm install -g @compodoc/compodoc

If you use PowerShell on Windows, add quotes :

npm install -g "@compodoc/compodoc"

Local installation

Install with Angular CLI : npm scripts + special tsconfig.doc.json file will be created.

ng add @compodoc/compodoc

or directly

npm install --save-dev @compodoc/compodoc


Create a file named tsconfig.doc.json, containing a key include pointing to src folder, you can also use exclude key :

  "include": ["src/**/*.ts"],
  "exclude": ["src/test.ts", "src/**/*.spec.ts", "src/app/file-to-exclude.ts"]

Define a script task for it in your package.json (with npm 6.x) :

"scripts": {
  "compodoc": "npx compodoc -p tsconfig.doc.json"

and run it like a normal npm script :

npm run compodoc

or with npx :

npx @compodoc/compodoc ...

See usage for more details.

Position of tsconfig file in codebase

Compodoc start at the folder level of the tsconfig file provided with -p option.

Example for an Angular CLI project :

├── src
│ ├── app
│ │ ├── app.component.ts
│ │ └── app.module.ts
│ ├── main.ts
│ └── ...
├── tsconfig.doc.json
└── tsconfig.json